Art &

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional design solutions that captivate and inspire. With a team of talented professionals at the helm, we bring together diverse skills and expertise to create unique experiences for our clients.

D ario, our talented Digital Artist and filmmaker, Emmy Awarded and two times nominated, he brings characters and narratives to life through captivating motion graphics and animated visuals. Whether it's a short video, explainer animation, or a full-scale production, we infuse creativity and imagination into every frame, delivering dynamic and memorable experiences.

Strategy &

A t the core of our agency is our CEO and Creative Head, Paula Henao. With her visionary leadership and extensive industry experience, Paula drives our team to push boundaries and explore new creative horizons. Her passion for design fuels our agency's commitment to delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations.


Our services span a wide range of creative disciplines, including Film, Animation, and UX. Whether it's crafting stunning layouts for magazines or designing intuitive and user-friendly multimedia products, our team excels at translating ideas into visually engaging experiences.

Our UX design & multimedia experts, brings a user-centered approach to every project. By understanding user behavior and applying design thinking principles, We ensure that the digital experiences we create are intuitive, accessible, and enjoyable. Through wireframes, prototypes, and user testing, he crafts seamless user journeys that prioritize usability and enhance overall satisfaction.

Film and photography are powerful tools for storytelling, and our team knows how to wield them masterfully. From conceptual short films to breathtaking photography, our team creates visuals that evoke emotions, convey messages, and leave a lasting impact. Our keen eye for detail and artistic sensibilities ensure that every image we produce is a work of art in itself.